Learning a Speech

Divide your written speech into sections (intro, 1st section, 2nd section, etc., conclusion.)

Read the introduction 5 times.

          Turn the speech over so you canít see the words.

          Say the intro from memory.

          If you get caught, turn the speech over to see where you are.  Write a word or a

phrase down on the first note card that will help you get through that

section.  Turn the speech over again and try to get through the rest of the

introduction.  If you get caught again, write another word down on your

note card.  Keep doing this until you can say the complete introduction

while using your note card.  (Put the words/phrases for the intro on the top

 of one card.  Draw a squiggly line and put the words/phrases for the

conclusion on the bottom of the same card.)

You may have one note cards for each other sections of your speech for a max of 7 note cards.

Read Section 1 Ė 5 times.

          Turn the speech over.

          Say Section 1 from memory.

          If you get caught, write down a word or phrase on your 2nd note card.  Keep

working on Section 1 until you can say the whole thing using the note card. 

When youíre finished with Section 1, go back and say the introduction and Section 1.  Donít go on to Section 2 until you can say the intro and section 1 with your note cards.          

Continue this process until all of your note cards are done and you are ready to give your speech in front of the class.

The benefits in this process are as follows: 

          You will know your introduction really well.  This will start you out on the right

foot.  Usually, students are really nervous at the beginning of your speech. 

Knowing your introduction so well will help calm your nervousness.

Option 2

You can choose to give your speech using a typed copy of the complete speech.  If you do this, the highest grade you can get is a D.  If you have wonderful inflection, good volume, nice pauses, varying pitch, etc., you could possibly get a D+. 

The lowest grade that you can get by giving a speech using note cards with words or phrases is a C/C+.  To get the C/C+, you need to meet the 2:45 time limit.  If the time limit is not met, you might get a D.  Anyone giving a speech that is at least 2:00 will get a passing grade.